Dotweb Systems

Dotweb Systems BV is a specialist in health and retail with a strong focus on innovation. Dotweb developes software for large organizations to simplify administrative processes.


Dotweb Systems over RTE Adviesgroep

"Our challenge was to fund high ambition. Practical advice and involvement of RTE Adviesgroep led to succesful application and use of grant money. Especially the WBSO turned out to be an ideal financial instrument to support our innovation. RTE Adviesgroep knows what risks to take and comes with great suggestions.

RTE was a closely involved and goal oriented partner. We did not only simplify funding of the project, but also did a thorough analysis of the organization as a whole. This led to clear insights for the future, fitting Dotweb.

Recently, RTE connected us to the Ready2Scale program, a very interesting program for growing ICT enterprises. I would advice anyone with innovative plans for the future to visit the open office grant/innovation hours. RTE Adviesgroep will take it from there."

Marcel Kok, Directeur