Eurostars Programme is a European Joint Programme, and it is co-funded by the European Communities and 33 EUREKA member countries. With its bottom-up approach the programme aims to support R&D performing SMEs and stimulates international collaborative research and innovation projects. The program takes into consideration the specific needs of SMEs, and targets the development of new products and services to ease access to transnational and international markets.

The available funding varies between 35-100% of the eligible costs, depending on the type of organization and the applicable national funding rules of the participating country.

Under this Programme there are open calls on a continuous basis, each year with a minimum of one submission deadlines.

Your project is eligible if it is:

  • an international research and development project;
  • collaborative, involving at least two participants  from two different Eurostars member countries;
  • market-driven with a maximum duration of three years;
  • ideally involving 3-4 participants from 2-3 countries .




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