Mediasynced BV

Mediasynced is an innovative company in second screen advertising technology. This technology enables brands to reach their audience online while a TV or radio commercial is playing on whatever platform they are active at that moment - whether that is Facebook, Twitter, Youtube...


Mediasynced BV over RTE Adviesgroep

"In RTE Adviesgroep, we have found a partner who has familiarized us with the possibilities of subsidy and R&D-coöperation in clear language.

Apart from intensive coaching in the process of applying for subsidy programs, the follow up care was done excellently. We are frequently updated on relevant new possiblities and get a heads up on deadlines and conditions you could ordinarily miss in a busy work environment.

RTE Adviesgroep is realistic in analysis of what will and will not work for your individual case, making sure we only spend time on the opportunities best fit for our company."

Mark van de Crommert, CEO