Mediasynced BV

"In RTE Adviesgroep, we have found a partner who has familiarized us with the possibilities of subsidy and R&D-coöperation in clear language." Read more.

Dotweb Systems BV

"Our challenge was to fund high ambitions. Practical advice and involvement of RTE Adviesgroep led to succesful application and use of grant money." Read more.

De Smit Printservice BV

"We appreciate a no nonsense, decisive attitude. RTE Adviesgroep has proven to share this mentality, enabling us to minimize time spent on the process of subsidy applications." Read more.

Living Projects

"We team up with RTE Adviesgroep because they are the experts when it comes to grants and subsidies. They know what opportunities are out there. We make use of that knowledge and expertise." Read more.