How we work

RTE Adviesgroep helps organizations get the most out of the financial opportunities for their growth and innovation.

Since an innovation project is unique by definition, we adopt a modular approach in our projects, aimed at your needs. Together, we choose a practical set of  services that fit your specific growth and innovation goals.

Step 1. The first conversation

Teaming up with RTE Adviesgroep always starts with a meeting focused on the needs and wants of the enterprise. What are the features of your growth or innovation project? Which grants and subsidies could support your ambitions? What would be your ideal financing mix?

This first conversation has three aims:

  • Establishing the set of needs
    What ingredients are necessary to realize your growth and innovation?
  • Identifying opportunities
    Which financial instruments are relevant for your project?
  • Practical recommendations
    Which grants and other tools can you start using right now?

Step 2. Teaming up

When RTE Adviesgroep can do more for your organization, we team up. We assist companies in getting financial means, and in using them wisely. For example by determining the ingredients for your ideal financing mix, leading application procedures for grants and engaging new investors.

Let us answer your questions on innovation and growth. Contact us via or through our contact form for that first conversation!