List of grants and subsidies

Grants and subsidies are continuously changing to keep up with an evolving environment. However, that makes it harder to keep up with all opportunities that fit your projects. Here is a list of the most common and accessible financial instruments in the Netherlands and Europe. How can we realize your growth and innovation?

WBSO (Research and Development Support)

Do you invest in product development and improvement of your products, production process or software? WBSO is a fiscal advantage for organizations that invest in research and technological development which are innovative for the organization itself. Many organizations can successfully apply for this financial instrument

DHK (DHK International Excellence)

Demonstration projects, feasibility studies and knowledge acquisition abroad or in cooperation with organizations abroad can be subsidized up to fifty percent through DHK.

ESF (European Social Fund)

The ESF supports branches and organizations in realizing development opportunities for employees aimed at creating a sustainable work force.

Horizon 2020

A European innovation program with a focus on industrial leadership, excellent science and societal challenges. Horizon 2020 is meant for European cooperation of SME.


Eurostars helps SME in development of high tech innovations in cooperation with other European enterprises. Investments in innovation can be reimbursed, in some cases up to 60%.  
PSI (Private Sector Investment program)
PSI support investments in commercial projects in development countries. The financial support can add up to €900.000

MIT (SME Support Innovation Topsectors of Industry)

Feasibility studies, hiring of excellent personnel, cooperations and acquisition of knowledge can be supported by MIT. This financial instruments is aimed at topsectors of industry agri & food, chemistry, creative industry, energy, high tech materials and systems, life sciences and health, horticulture, logistics and water.

RDA (Research & Development Advantage)

RDA is aimed at Research and Development and offers a financial advantage when you develop prototypes, use ICT for research and build new research labs.

EIA (Energie Investment Advantage)

Investments in energy saving and sustainable energy can be considered for EIA. Enterprises that invest in energy saving can substract a percentage of the investmentcosts of their fiscal profits.

SDE+ (Support Sustainable Energy)
The SDE+ instrument is meant for enterpreneurs who invest in the production of renewable energy: biomass, water, wind and sun.

Praktijkleren (Work and study)
Does your organization offer internships for students? Offering internships makes you elligible for a fiscal advantage. In 2014 the existing WVA-OW instrument will be replaced by Praktijkleren.

VAMIL and MIA (Environment Investment Advantages)
Innovative, environment friendly investments are supported by the VAMIL and MIA.