Capital suppliers

Loan capital is provided by credit institutions. You borrow money from a bank and pay interest on it. A major benefit of this type of financing is that you remain the 100% owner of your company.

This is not the case when you obtain equity capital, risk capital, because then you sell shares in your company to one or more investors, which means that you are relinquishing some of your ownership and control. Another point is that these investors will then take part of your profit.Which capital providers could you obtain funds from and under what conditions?


What do we do?

RTE Adviesgroep has a bird’s eye view of the entire playing field of financing options, including those that are combined with government schemes. We have also built up an extensive network of credit institutions and risk capital providers that we work with.
We map out your financing needs, advise you on the financing mix that’s right for you, and carry out the work that you need when it comes to applying for and obtaining grants, loans and risk capital. We know all the rules, markets and the right people to talk to. What’s more, we can provide you with useful information to underpin your grant application, financing needs, business plan or project plan.