De Smit Printservice BV

De Smit Printservice BV is a hightech electronics developer and producer.


De Smit Prinservice and RTE Adviesgroep

"Why we chose to work with RTE Adviesgroep? In our company, time is a luxury we like to spend wisely. RTE Advisor Jan Egberts knows this very well. He is the one who, again and again, writes and hands in our applications for WBSO and RDA projects with success.

We are also the first to know when new subsidy programs are launched with help of RTE Adviesgroep, which makes our chances of succesfully applying significantly better.

We appreciate a no nonsense, decisive attitude. As a diverse hightech technology developer it's that energetic mentality which makes us excel.

RTE Adviesgroep has proven to share this mentality, enabling us to minimize time spent on the process of subsidy applications."

Pedro de Smit, CEO