Risk Capital

A company may decide to attract capital by issuing shares. This is called equity capital, also known as venture capital or risk capital. The investors who contribute equity capital become joint owners of your company.

Risk capital is provided by informal investors, venture capitalists or venture capital companies. Often, investors contribute more than capital. This added value may come in the form of management, advice or a network of professional contacts.

Risk capital and government

Governments support risk capital by reducing risks for investors. For example through Seed Capital funds and state guarantees. On a provincial and regional level, development companies contribute risk capital to projects and companies. 

Are you looking for investors?

RTE Adviesgroep supports companies in finding investors through cooperation with our partner Investormatch. Entrepreneurs who are looking for informal investors or a venture capital company can match their plans and ideas directly to a network of investors by presentation in an online, private database. Investormatch also actively coaches entrepreneurs and matches them to specific investors.

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