WBSO is a tax incentive for every company in The Netherlands investing in research & development (R&D) and developing technological innovations themselves. This grant partly compensates your company’s wage costs of employees carrying out directly R&D. You can deduct this grant of the monthly paid wage tax and social security contributions paid for these R&D employees.

What activities does the WBSO support?

  • The development of technically new physical products and production processes, software or components;
  • Technical scientific research searching for a technical explanation of a phenomenon;
  • Technical feasibility study or analysis to find out the opportunities for a new R&D project to be launched;
  • Technical research aimed to enhancing your physical production process or software.

WBSO is also open for ICT projects, however it need to prove the development of new ‘informational technological principles’. You can apply for software related development project or technical research, and although it is less common, you may also apply for technical scientific researches and feasibility studies on software as well.


What conditions do you need to meet before applying for the WBSO?

  • The proposed R&D activity takes place in your company;
  • The technological development is new to your organization;
  • There are technical bottlenecks in the development;
  • The organization works under dutch taxlaw regarding to employees;
  • The R&D activity will take place in the future (in other words, you always must apply for WBSO in advance).

What do we do?

Companies can apply for WBSO three times a year. RTE Adviesgroep has more than 15 years of experience acquiring WBSO subsidy funding for various R&D projects, and for a wide variety of small and medium-sized businesses. We can identify projects elligible for the grant and know how to hand in succesful applications.

We give active support in fulfilling all administrative obligations, guide organizations through NL Agency inspections, and assist in implementation of the entire R&D project. Contact us to find out more about the opportunities for your business!