About us

RTE Adviesgroep was established in 1997 by Sjef van Kemenade and John Krijger. Over the years we have provided our services to original equipment manufacturers, SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and innovative techno start ups, particularly in the branches production, ICT, chemistry, life sciences and medical technology, agri & food, mobility and the creative industry.

Our current team consists of eight motivated and highly skilled professionals who are happy to answer your questions through e-mail and LinkedIN.

Are you interested in an introductory meeting to explore your opportunities in grantmaking and funding? Do you want to find out which advisor is the best fit for your specific question? Contact us at info@rte.nl or via our contact page.


Sjef van Kemenade


John Krijger


Jan Egberts

Senior subsidieadviseur

Frank Andre Becker

Senior subsidieadviseur

Roel Schuurkes

Business Consultant

Rolf Namjesky

Business Consultant Innovatie Financiering

Paulien Appel

Officemanager marketing & communicatie

Rosalie de Chêne

Projectmanagement en subsidieadministratie


Business Consultant ICT Subsidies